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UPDATED June 21, 2017


2017 - 2018 Season
A comedy

The Man Who Came to Dinner
by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart

Directed by
Linda Viel
Produced by Jean Lioy

Oct. 14, 21, 22m, 28, 29, 2017
A dramatic parable

by John Patrick Shanley

Directed by
Fred Cuozzo
Produced by Lois Stevens

Jan. 13, 20, 21m, 26, 27, 2018
A romantic comedy

Play It Again, Sam
by Woody Allen

Directed by Linda Correll
Produced by Anne King

Mar. 10, 17, 18m, 23, 24, 2018
A dramatic comedy

Mister Roberts
by Thomas Heggen

Directed by Steve Lemenille
Produced by Kay Macrae
May 5, 12, 18, 19, 20m, 2018
Dates subject to change
2017-2018 Auditions

AUDITIONS Scheduled.

--- A U D I T I O N      N O T I C E ---

2017-2018 Auditions
Mister Roberts
directed by Steve Lemenille

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  Mon.    Jan. 22, 2018     Time: 7:30 to 10:00 PM
  Tues.   Jan. 23, 2018     Time: 7:30 to 10:00 PM

  Call-backs, if needed Tues.   Jan. 30, 2018      Time: 7:30 PM
Westfield Community Players
1000 North Avenue West
Westfield, NJ 07090
Office: 908-232-9568

Mister Roberts - A dramatic-comedy by Thomas Heggen & Joshua Logan

The 1948 Tony Award Winning Play, “Mister Roberts,” tells the story of Lt. J.G. Doug Roberts, a combat officer who looks out for his bored troops who are manning a cargo ship supplying Pacific troops during World War II, even as he hopes to get permission from his tyrannical captain to transfer and see some action himself.
"The greatest of war plays…" —NY Herald-Tribune.
"A superlative comedy." —NY News."

ROLE BREAKDOWNS --- All roles are open.

CHIEF JOHNSON:  (male character age range: 40s): Chief Johnson is the ship's chief petty officer. He is a big man of about forty years old.

LT. ROBERTS:  (male character age range: early-mid 30s): Lieutenant Doug Roberts is the cargo officer, a position he has held for nearly two and a half years. Roberts has a college education and quit medical school in order to join the Navy. Roberts is highly respected by the men.

DOC:  (male character age range: late 40s+): Doc is the ship's doctor. He possesses a wry sense of humor.

DOWDY:   (male character, 35 - early 40s ): Dowdy is a hard-bitten man. He has some authority over the men and hands out their tasks. It is Dowdy's idea to award Roberts the brass palm tree.

the CAPTAIN:  (male character age range: mid 50s): The captain is a petty tyrant who earns the enmity of all the crewmen. He is an absurd, ridiculous figure. [Director's Note: Do not try to imitate the Cagney version. Use your own creation.]

INSIGNA  (male character age range: mid 20s - early 30s) Insigna is one of the crewmen. He is not noted for his intelligence, but it is he who discovers that the nurses can be spied upon with binoculars.

MANNION:  (male character age range: mid 20s - early 30s): Mannion is a crewman who watches the women in the shower, while pretending to the others that no one is in the shower. He and Insigna are enemies.

LINSTROM:  (male character age range: mid 20s - early 30s): Lindstrom is one of the crewmen. He tries to stop the fight between Mannion and Insigna, and he supplies the ribbon for the award that the men present to Roberts.

STEFANOWSKI:  (male character age range: mid 20s - early 30s): Stefanowski is one of the crewmen who spies on the nurses in the shower. Like the others, he is bored on the ship and wonders whether a man could get sent back to the States if he cuts off a finger.

WILEY:  (male character age range: mid 20s - early 30s): Wiley is one of the crewmen. He joins in the fight on Mannion's side and then fights Stefanowski. During shore leave, he has a riotous time on Elysium.

ENSIGN PULVER:  (male character age range: early 30s): Ensign Frank Pulver is an immature officer who likes to spend a lot of his time sleeping. He is timid but boasts of his sexual conquests, although Doc and Roberts do not believe him. He is scared of the captain and never puts into practice any of the pranks he conspires against the Captain.

DOLAN:  (male character age range: mid 20s): Dolan is a young, garrulous, brash yeoman, who enjoys the fact that he is responsible for typing Roberts's letters requesting a transfer.

GERHART:  (male character age range: mid 20s - early 30s): Gerhard is one of the quieter crewmen. He is part of a deputation that appeals to Doc and Pulver

LT. ANN GIRARD:  (female character age range: mid 20s - early 30s): Lieutenant Ann Girard is an attractive nurse who is invited on the ship by Pulver, who plans to seduce her.

SHORE SP:  (male character age range: early 30s):

MP:  (male character age range: early 30s):

SP OFFICER:  (male character age range: early 30s):

SCHLEMMER:  (male character age range: mid 20s - early 30s): Schlemmer is one of the crew

REBER:  (male character age range: mid 20s - early 30s): Reber is one of the crew

PAYNE:  (male character age range: mid 20s - early 30s): Payne is one of the crew

[Note some roles will be doubled]

a) Please bring a current headshot & resume OR complete AUDITION FORM at: AUDITION FORM

b) Monologues are NOT required. Those auditioning will be reading scenes from the script.

c) Bring your calendar and be prepared to list all conflicts. Conflicts not listed at time of audition may not be honored.


May 5, 12, 18, 19, 2018 @8PM; May 20, 2018 @2PM - Matinee

2017-2018 Auditions

If you wish to be included in our regular play Auditions email list, please email your request to: Auditions

Funding has been made possible in part by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, Department of State, a partner agency of the National Endowment of the Arts, through a grant administered by the Union County office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs.

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