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Audition Form

If you would like, you may submit this Audition Form prior to auditioning.
It is not required that you do so, but it would expedite matters on Audition dates.
Audition form for Follies (a musical)

First Name: *
Last Name: *
Address *
Street Address *
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City *
State / Province / Region *
Postal / Zip Code *
Country *
Phone *

Email *
Confirm *
Gender: *
Stage Age:
If you are younger than 18, a parent or guardian must acknowledge this form at the bottom.
Vocal Range (if known):
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Theatrical experience,if any

List up to 5 previous acting/performance credits:
Production - Year - Theater - Role
Production - Year - Theater - Role
Production - Year - Theater - Role
Production - Year - Theater - Role
Production - Year - Theater - Role

Role(s) for which you are auditioning: *
 Sally Durant Plummer (f) 45-55 yrs. old | Range: F3 - G5)| 
 Young Sally: (f) 18-25 yrs. old | Range: C4 - Gb5| 
 Heidi Schiller: (f) 65-75 yrs. old | Range: D4 – A6] 
 Hattie Walker: (f) 65-75 yrs. old | Range: G3 - B5| 
 Emily: (f) 65-80 yrs. old | Range: A4 - D5| 
 Theodore Whitman: (m) 65-80 yrs. old | Range: A3 - D4| 
 Solange La Fitte:(f) 65-75 yrs. old | Range: A4 - G5| 
 Carlotta Campion: (f) 45-55 yrs. old | Range: Eb3 - C5| 
 Phyllis Rogers Stone: (f) 45-55 yrs. old | Range: F3 - E5| 
 Benjamin Stone: (m) 50-60 yrs. old | Range: A3 - F5| 
 Young Phyliss: (f) 20-25 yrs. old | Range: C4 - F#5| 
 Young Ben: (m) [(Male, 20-30 yrs. old | Range: C3 - Fb4| 
 Buddy Plumber: (m) 50-60 yrs. old | Range: C3 - F4| 
 Young Buddy: (m) 20-30 yrs. old | Range: C3 - Gb5| 
 Young Heidi:: (f) 18-25 yrs. old | Range: E4 - Ab5| 
 Roscoe: (m): [(Male, 55-65 yrs.old) | Range: High tenor  
 Young Stella (f) young teen/adult | alto 
 Dimitri Weissman: (m) 70-80 yrs. old | speaking role 
 Dancing girl (f) 18+ 
 Dancing boy (m) 18+ 
Will you accept an alternate role? *
Are you submitting a head shot? *
If you are submitting an image/head shot, select here...


Rehearsal times, depending on the director are generally from 7-7:30 to 9-9:30PM including some weekends.
Is this a problem for you? *
If you answered YES to the above, please explain:

NOTE: The week that the show opens is TECH WEEK...beginning that Sunday, Apr. 28 - May 3 2019; rehearsals are every evening.

Production dates are May 4, 11, 17, 18, 2019 @8PM; May 19, 2019 @2PM - Matinee. (Note: there are also two (2) other performances: 1 benefit [May 10] and 1 Senior Night [May 3]


Indicate any conflicts you might know at this time with rehearsal dates:

NOTE: Any conflicts will not necessarily affect casting for THIS show, but failure to honestly and accurately list known conflicts may affect casting decisions in the future.
Special Talents/Skills or Comments you would like to mention:
Do you have any objection of being video-taped, recorded or photographed for publicity purposes of WCP? *
Are you a current subscriber or member of WCP? *
How did you learn of this audition? *
If you are younger than 18, please indicate the name and relationship of the person who completed this form.
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