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Quiz 5
by Tchr for WCP

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1. 1. What Irish playwright authored 'The Playboy of the Western World?'
  (a)Brendan Behan
  (b)John Millington Synge
  (c)W.B. Yeats
  (d)None of these
a b c d
2. Who played Happy Loman in the original production of "Death of a Salesman"?
  (a) Cameron Mitchell
  (b)Arthur Kennedy
  (c)Don Keefer
  (d)Howard Smith
a b c d
3. Marlon Brando was, of course, the original Stanely Kowalski in Tennessee Williams' 'A Streetcar Named Desire". But he naturally missed some performances and left the production before the run was completed. Which of the following actors did NOT play Stanley Kowalski in the play's original Broadway run?
  (a) Paul Newman
  (b)Anthony Quinn
  (c)Jack Palance
  (d)Ralph Meeker
a b c d
4. Who was Richard Rodgers' songwriting partner before he teamed up with Oscar Hammerstein II?
  (a) E.Y. Harburg
  (b)Dorothy Fields
  (c)Frank Loesser
  (d)Lorenz Hart
a b c d
5. Which of the following terms has not been used to describe the work of Bertolt Brecht?
  (a) Epic Theatre
  (c)The Alienation Effect
  (d)Theatre of the Absurd
a b c d
6. A controversial American film actress played the lead role of Lorna in the original production of Clifford Odets' "Golden Boy". What was her name?
  (a)Barbara Stanwyck
  (b)Dorothy Comingore
  (c)Frances Farmer
  (d)Uta Hagen
a b c d
7. Who is the Russian director/acting teacher whose 'system' of actor training heavily influenced 'method' acting in the U.S.?
  (a)Anton Chekhov
  (b)Constantin Stanislavski
  (c)Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko
  (d)Vsevolod Meyerhold
a b c d
8. What was Kaufman and Hart's first collaboration?
  (a) Merrilly We Roll Along
  (b) Once in a Lifetime
  (c) The Man Who Camer to Dinner
  (d)You Can't Take it With You
a b c d
9. Yes, it's true. They tried to make a musical out of "Breakast at Tiffany's". Who played Holly Golightly in this mega-flop that never even opened on Broadway?
  (a) Liza Minnelli
  (b)Audrey Hepburn
  (c)Carol Lawrence
  (d)Mary Tyler Moore
a b c d
10. In the original 1930 production of Noel Coward's "Private Lives", what future British film star played Amanda's cuckolded husband?
  (a)Laurence Olivier
  (b)Leslie Howard
  (c)Michael Redgrave
  (d)Robert Donat
a b c d

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